Ruth Wilde, Senior Fertility Counsellor at Complete, is appointed as a member of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)


Congratulations to Ruth Wilde

Ruth Wilde

Congratulations to Ruth Wilde our Senior Fertility Counsellor who has been selected to join the HFEA as one of its twelve Authority members. The Authority members determine HFEA policies and review treatment and research licence applications. This is a public body ministerial appointment for three years, which Ruth will combine with her counselling work for Complete Fertility.


The HFEA is the UK’s independent regulator of treatment using eggs and sperm, and of treatment and research involving human embryos. They set standards for, and issue licences to, fertility clinics and research organisations.


As an HFEA Authority member, Ruth will be involved in determining policies and has been invited to serve on the Licence Committee and the Statutory Approvals Committee of the HFEA.

“Huge Honour”

Ruth says: “It’s a huge honour to be appointed as a member of the Authority and to be part of the future of fertility regulation and policy. It is particularly exciting and welcome that ministers have appointed a counsellor to this role, demonstrating the commitment of the HFEA to supporting patients through their fertility difficulties and showing how much counselling is valued as part of the multi-disciplinary service provided to patients. I’m really looking forward to sharing my experience of many years of patient interactions to inform future fertility policies and standards.”

Ruth has worked at Complete Fertility Centre since 2011. She provides her patients with confidential and supportive fertility counselling services throughout their fertility journey. Within our IVF package up to six sessions of counselling are included whilst patients are receiving treatment at Complete Fertility and for up to six months after their last treatment cycle.

Ruth also runs a monthly patient support group at Complete Fertility Centre for anyone in the South of England who is experiencing fertility difficulties.

Experienced Counsellor

Ruth has been a Counsellor for nearly 20 years, specialising in infertility since 2002. She has previously worked in infertility clinics in Birmingham and London helping both NHS and private patients through their treatment journeys from initial diagnosis to the end of treatment and beyond.

Ruth is the former Chair of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) and served on BICA’s Executive Committee for many years. Ruth was elected to the British Fertility Society’s (BFS) Executive as Counselling Representative in 2010 and has represented both BFS and BICA’s interests, and infertility counselling generally, at national events and meetings.