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Complete Fertility Centre Southampton is a very busy place.
From celebrating the birth of babies born to our patients to publishing cutting edge research there is always lots going on.

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Complete Fertility Centre Southampton latest news:

Ivy Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

Free Fertility Information Evening

As international medical and scientific community interest grows in the Ivy Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, it is with great pleasure that we can share that the publication of Ivy’s early findings was this week confirmed in the world’s leading peer-reviewed journal for fertility health, Human Reproduction.
The online paper can be viewed by clicking here. The next print edition of the Journal is expected in the coming months.
Ivy is the first global collaboration for Virtus Health, proving the power of our international network, with evaluation of the technology conducted on data obtained from 10,638 embryos cultured in time-lapse incubators from eight different Virtus Health IVF clinics, across four countries, between January 2014 and December 2018.  The data shows that the predictive value of Ivy (0.93) is significantly higher than any other published algorithm or selection approach.
We believe Ivy shows great potential to contribute to IVF medicine by shortening the time to a successful pregnancy and increasing IVF pregnancy rates for our patients. The next step is to carry out a planned randomised controlled trial (RCT) to better understand the clinical role of Ivy and, in particular to find out what contribution, if any, it can make to improving success rates in IVF. There are other forms of ‘artificial intelligence’ but none have demonstrated the sophisticated level of predictive value of which Ivy is capable of.
“The development of Ivy AI is something we can all be proud of, and I once again thank and congratulate all the teams at Virtus and Harrison.AI who have been involved in progressing the Ivy AI technology to where it is today. I look forward sharing the future results of Ivy with you following the planned RCT.”
Sue Channon, Group Chief Executive Officer.



Local free fertility information evening

Free Fertility Information Evening

Complete Fertility, a local IVF and fertility treatment provider, has opened a new satellite clinic in Bournemouth providing fertility treatment closer to home for Dorset patients.


To support the opening, people trying for a baby are invited  to a local free fertility information evening at The Village Hotel, Bournemouth on Tuesday, May 21, from 5.30pm to 7pm.


Complete Fertility Centre is in Strouden Park Surgery, just off Castle Lane West, opposite Castle Lane shopping centre, with easy access for patients from Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. There is also ample free parking for patients. Patients can book their place at the free event via the Complete Fertility Centre website...



Exciting refurbishment project for Complete Fertility Centre

We have come to the end of our exciting refurbishment project. So we are opening our doors to new patients to come and have a look around our centre to see our latest facilities and modern environment


The refurbishment was started after the recent acquisition of Complete Fertility by the market leading Assisted Reproductive Services provider in Australia and Ireland, Virtus Health Ltd.

Complete Fertility Centre celebrates one thousand babies born as a result of fertility treatment


Over 1000 babies have now been born following fertility treatment at Complete Fertility Centre Southampton since its inception in 2011. Amazingly that equates to approximately one baby being born every two to three days!


The arrival of over 1000 babies demonstrates Complete Fertility’s mission to give patients the best chance of achieving a healthy singleton baby to complete their family.


“We are incredibly proud to have helped so many families on the South Coast of England. We have reached this milestone by offering compassionate, patient centric, research-based and accessible NHS and private fertility care,” said Professor Ying Cheong, Medical Director.


Whilst our values have remained the same, much has changed since we started out over seven years ago. Technology has advanced and contributes to our excellent success rates in...



Listen to Ms Mili Saran talking on Radio Solent to Sasha Twining about fertility preservation

Find our all you want to know about:


• why people choose to preserve their fertility
• where to get advice
• preservation options including egg, embryo and sperm
• best time to preserve your fertility
• cost of fertility preservation
• how long will preservation lasts


Listen again to Sasha Twining's Ask the Expert feature:


Professor Ying Cheong is leading a world-first study into the use of a tiny device to monitor womb environment that could help infertile couples conceive naturally.

This study involves 30 patients and is being carried out at Complete Fertility Centre Southampton.


The device, the size of a 5p piece, could help clinicians compare the range of levels of oxygen, pH and temperature levels inside the womb of women who have conceived naturally with patients from fertility and miscarriage clinics.


Prof Cheong said the technology could lead to “big changes” in fertility care worldwide.


“We want to get to the stage where we know what a healthy womb environment looks like and to make measuring levels inside the womb as simple as taking a blood pressure reading,” she said.


“If we can prove this device works successfully and is comfortable and safe, then we have the chance to make big changes to fertility care across the NHS and internationally and help to give many more women the best chance of conceiving.”


Read more:


Daily Mail: Thousands of couples could be spared gruelling IVF with new 5p-sized device that spots infertility before any unnecessary treatment

ITV News: Tiny implant could help infertile couples

Independent: Device size of a 5p coin could help infertile couples conceive naturally


How you could become an egg donor - members of our egg donor team discuss on the Sasha Twining Show

Listen again to Sasha Twining's Ask the Expert feature with Complete Fertility:


Complete selected as one of the Top UK Fertility Blogs to Follow in 2018

Top 10 Fertility Blog

We are delighted to be listed on the Top UK Fertility Blogs in 2018, the most comprehensive list of best UK Fertility blogs on the internet. Feedspots blog reader have selected the best UK Fertility Blogs from thousands of UK Fertility blogs on the web using search and social metrics.


These blog sites have been ranked based on their Google reputation and Google search ranking, quality and consistency of posts, influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites and, Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.


They suggest following our blogs as “they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information”.


Helen Kennard, Marketing Manager says: “This is great recognition of our passion and commitment to keeping our visitors and patients well informed on fertility issues.


“We understand the emotional rollercoaster people ride when having difficulty conceiving and our goal is to provide clear, jargon-free content to help unravel the complex and technical nature of fertility treatment.”


You can read our blogs here.

Exciting refurbishment project for Complete Fertility Centre

Complete Fertility Centre (CFC) is excited to announce new plans for the refurbishment of its fertility centre, starting this April.


Following hot on the heels of the recent acquisition of Complete Fertility by Virtus Health Ltd, the market leading Assisted Reproductive Services (ARS) provider in Australia and Ireland, CFC is pleased to receive this substantial investment in its facilities.


Upon completion of the refurbishment project, our patients will benefit from additional modern facilities that aim to improve our patient’s experience.


The renovation works consists of a new waiting room that will be tastefully decorated and furnished, additional consulting rooms to see our patients during their fertility journey and a private en-suite room.


“We are looking forward to working in a modern environment that will offer our patients better facilities when visiting us. The contemporary décor including new glass walls with creative designs will brighten up our centre, whilst offering the privacy required in a fertility centre,” said Julia Paget, Head of Fertility Centre.


“During the refurbishment we will endeavour to ensure that our patients encounter the least disruption possible. Work will be undertaken in stages and completion is planned for mid July.”

Fertility experts Professor Ying Cheong and Dr Lucy Green on the Sasha Twining Show

Listen again to Sasha Twining's Ask the Expert feature:


New owners for Complete Fertility Centre

We are delighted that as of 1st April 2018 Complete Fertility Centre will be owned and operated by Complete Fertility Ltd (a subsidiary of Virtus Health).


BBC Radio Solent features Complete Fertility expert

Listen again to Sasha Twining's Ask the Expert feature with guests from Complete Fertility and their patients:


New hope given to women struggling to conceive

Endometriosis research

Southampton researchers have found new insight into why some women have difficulty falling pregnant.


Endometriosis is a chronic condition affecting around 10 per cent of women and is associated with chronic abdominal pain, irregular periods, and lowered fertility.


In order to become pregnant a woman must produce a mature egg. Maturation occurs in fluid-filled structures called follicles in the ovary. The mature eggs are then released to become fertilised however eggs in women who have endometriosis are affected by a very hostile uterine environment that lowers fertility. It is assumed...



Pioneering Southampton General Hospital treatment offers fertility hope for cancer sufferers

Fertility Hope

Women of childbearing age diagnosed with cancer can have their fertility preserved through a pioneering procedure offered by specialists in Southampton.


Clinicians in the city are among the first in the country to carry out a new technique to remove and freeze ovarian tissue containing eggs to prevent them being damaged during cancer treatments.


Now leading experts hope the new method can trigger a wider rollout of fertility preservation for thousands of women and girls on the NHS.


Fertility preservation techniques are already available but they are not suitable for all women. Read more...


Dr Larisa Corda talks about fertility on This Morning

Dr Larisa Corda

Dr Larisa Corda from Complete Fertility discusses why women should have children early on in life, the subject of today's phone-in.


This Morning Wednesday 29th June with Holly and Phillip.









Southampton fertility experts launch new service for cancer patients

Fertility Preservation

Clinicians in Southampton are performing a new procedure which can help to preserve fertility in women with newly-diagnosed cancer.


It is known as ovarian tissue cryopreservation and involves removing and freezing healthy ovarian tissue containing eggs before the start of radiotherapy or chemotherapy.


Both therapies can permanently damage the reproductive organs or cause premature menopause.


Once a patient has completed their course of treatment and is either in remission or of child-bearing age, the ovarian tissue strips are thawed.



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